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King Buddhadasa’s historical herbarium being destroyed

The rape of the forest reserve in Dolukanda, the historical herbarium of King Buddhadasa famous for rare kinds of medicinal herbs, goes unabated despite the presence of forest rangers.

Residents living at the foot of the mountain say that organised gangs are allegedly stealing valuable medicinal herbs such as Iraraja, Sandaraja, Kuda Hedaya, Maha Hedaya, white sandalwood, red sandalwood and dutusathutu.

This herbarium is located in Ibbagamuwa, about 700 feet above sea level and spreads to about five kilometres. Residents say that these unscrupulous people are in the habit of uprooting entire medicinal bushes and destroying small plants too.

Although the residents living around this mountain have brought this matter to the notice of the Ibbagamuwa Ayurvedic Conservation Board several times, no action has yet been taken to remedy the situation.

“These herbs are rich in nutrition and medicinal value. They can be grown only in this mountain because of its unique weather condition. Stealing herbs from this herbarium is

unacceptable,” a veteran farmer living at the foot of Dokukanda said.



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