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Bullock cart making, a fading profession

Blacksmiths making bullock carts in Galewela request authorities to provide them with Sooriyamara timber to continue with their industry.

They said among the many challenges to continue their industry, finding raw material including metal and suitable wood has become a hurdle.

They said in addition, attracting youths to this industry is also a challenge.

A bullock cart is rarely seen at present. It is also difficult to find blacksmiths who make bullock carts. However, there is a large number of bullock carts in Sigiriya nowadays.

The cart ride has become one of the most popular tourist attractions and mode of transport by foreigners for sightseeing.

H. P. Chandrarathne, 43, of Ibbankatuwa, Galewela is a blacksmith engaged in making carts. He has learnt this craft from his father. He says it is difficult to find Sooriyamara wood to make the body of the cart.

“Therefore, I mostly make cart wheels now. Most of the carts used in the Sigiriya Tourist Zone are repaired by me," Chandrarathne said.

"My children do not like to engage in this craft.”

He said this traditional industry should be promoted. He requested to make arrangements to attract youths. He added that there should be a programme to promote the industry.



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