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Kudawella fishery harbour shooting

Suspect goes missing in Police custody

The Police Headquarters Special Investigation Unit has launched an investigation to ascertain how a main suspect in the Kudawella fishery harbour shooting incident had gone missing while in the custody of the Tangalle Police.

A spokesman for the unit said they were trying to ascertain whether the suspect had escaped on his own or aided by a police officer or else suffered from some other accident.

He said Tangalle SP Laksiri Geethal was questioned about the incident when he appeared before the unit in Colombo to record a statement regarding another investigation yesterday. On December 25 morning last year two people on a motorcycle arrived at the Kudawella fishery harbour and gunned down four persons using a T-56 rifle and a pistol and escaped.

Four persons including a fish mudalali were killed and eight other fishermen injured in the shooting.


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