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Army Commander to attend ‘Peace and Harmony’ Big Match Walk

‘Peace and Harmony’ Big Match Walk - 2019 proponents of the Colombo Hindu College, led by Principal T. P. Prameshwaran with the intention of inviting the Commander of the Army to the thematic Hindu College ‘Big Match Walk - 2019’, scheduled on Saturday called at the Army Headquarters.

This year’s ‘Peace and Harmony’ Big Match Walk of the College has been organized to coincide with the conceptual ‘Ekata Sitimu’ national project, now underway as a mechanism to inspire and strengthen the importance of co-existence and multi-ethnic and multi-religious harmony to reach the national goal of durable peace.

The Hindu College Old Boys’ Association and the Principal in separate requests sought the assistance of the Army to make their thematic ‘Big Match Walk’ that coincides with the 10th Big Match between Colombo Hindu College and Jaffna Hindu College a success.

Principal Prameshwaran, Vice President (Sports) of Old Boys’ Association E. Pathmaraj and International Coordinator, Old Boys’ Association of Hindu College Dr. P.V Logenthiran were among those who met the Commander.

Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake thanked the organizers for their understanding of the national need and their plans to invite neighbouring students of different ethnicities to the ‘Big Match Walk’ that begins from the College premises.

The ‘Big Match Walk’ is jointly supported by Integrity Society, Mother Sri Lanka and Old Boys’ Association both in Sri Lanka and overseas, according to organizers.

More than 6,000 – 7,000 participants are expected to join the ‘Big Match Walk’ including the Army Commander.


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