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Kandy Sports Round Up:

Kandy SC-Havelock SC decider of the league

The winners of the Kandy Sports Club v Havelock Sports Club game on Sunday afternoon at Havelock Park will be crowned the rugby league champions. All points to this being the match of the year. These two sides faced off in the first and second leg and finished with a win each. Last weekend Kandy SC beat CH and FC and Havelock SC beat CR and FC. Against CH and FC, Kandy had plenty of possession but turnovers were too frequent to be able to build pressure, their defence was good for long periods and that put themselves in a position to win by 31-13.They were disciplined on the day, as well. That discipline cost them with a couple of defensive lapses in the first half but they covered it in the second half. If Kandy front up and play smart they can turn the game in their favour. They will look to experienced players to steer them. Havelock SC who last won the league in 2012, have this season achieved performed so well as to top the table. Head-to-head: The battle between the two number eights will be interesting as both play crucial roles for their respective sides. Both fly halves are impressive with ball in hand and will be expected to get their teams over the advantage line with some strong carry. Prediction: There's little separating these sides and it's difficult to predict a winner but can believe home ground advantage will swing things in Havies’ favour. It will be close but the Kandy SC XV knows how to win crucial matches.

All Kandy schools are at their best

This season, the Singer Schools Rugby League 2019 is expected to continue for five straight weeks and all Kandy schools feature in the different divisions divided into groups for the first round. In the first round, each of them will play each other in the group and the top 4 finishers will make it to the Cup championship. The bottom of each group will make it to the Plate championship. There's no doubt that the popularity of rugby among Kandy school students is growing quickly. From scrums to rucks to mauls, the sport's physical and fast paced nature has athletes hooked. All schools are ready to give a good performance. Kingswood is led by Milan Weerasinghe, Trinity by Reshan Bandaranayake, St. Anthony’s by Mohamed Makarim, Vidyartha by H.M.K. Bandara, Dharmaraja by Manuka Hiyarapitiya, St. Sylvester’s by Dilanka Iroshana, Sri Sumangala by Amesh Jayasinghe and Sri Rahula has still to name their captain.

Big Match fever in Kandy

The first big match of the hill country will be on Friday March 8 and 9 at Katugastota between Trinity and St. Anthony’s, which will be the 102nd encounter known as the Hill Country Battle of the Blues. It is one of the most looked forward annual school cricket match and played since 1914. It is the second oldest cricket encounter of Kandy. This encounter is played for the John Halangoda Memorial Trophy and is awarded to the team who manages to win the match by means of an outright win or failing that, a first innings win. The 1993 Antonian captain Mohamed Ajaz will be the chief guest.

Clifford Cup rugby Kandy SC matches at Pallekelle

The Clifford Cup rugby knockouts will kick off from mid March and all Kandy SC matches will be played at Trinity College grounds Pallekele. This is the most prestigious club rugby knockout tournament and arguably the oldest in Asia.

Trinity in Maradana today

Trinity College will be in Maradana to play their first inter school rugger match against Zahira College, kick off is set for 4.30 pm. So, a thrilling game of rugby is in store for rugby fans when these two schools scrum down in the first inter school match. In last year’s game played at Pallkelle grounds Trinity won by 34 points to 15.

It will be interesting to see how both side who are coming out for the first time, will handle the ball. Whatever said and done both schools are famous for playing good quality rugby. Trinity’s asset is their mobile pack which is about the best equipped with some talented players and should deliver the goods. Trinity will also rely more on their speedy outsides. The Zahirians one of the oldest rugby playing schools, will be fielding their best outfit. They will be at full strength to present an exciting game, their speedy three quarters who are good ball handlers, should control the game.

St. Anthony’s v Isipathana

St. Anthony’s will open their inter school rugby season against Isipathana College at Havelock Park at 4.00 pm today. A rousing game is on the cards when these two schools clash. This is the first game for both schools, and the players will be all-out to give off their best. St. Anthony’s are coached by former Kingswoodian Ronny Ibrahim. For the Antonians to gain maximum possession will be of importance if they are to hold the Pathanians off. Isipathana are coached by an Old Antonian Nihal “Viper” Gunaratne. It all points to a battle of wits between Antonian forwards and Pathanians power play.

Vidyartha v Mahanama at Nittawela

Mahanama College will be in the hills today to meet Vidyartha College in their first inter school rugby match of the season at Nittawela grounds. Vidyartha who under two good coaches are sure to play good quality rugby and attack will be their forte. It will be nice to see them making moves from their own 22 meters, but they should run the ball down the line to make attacking moves. Mahanama College too is blessed with an array of talented players who will go all out to give their opponents a good run.

Kingswood vs Wesley for Blaze trophy on Sunday

Rugby enthusiasts in Kandy will get the opportunity of witnessing two top teams in action on Sunday when Kingswood and Wesley clash for the annual L.E. Blaze memorial trophy. This trophy was introduced in 1986 in memory of the founder and the man who introduced rugby to Kingswood, the trophy was donated by one of Kandy’s renowned sports promoters late Roy de Silva. This is the first outing for the two teams.

Trinity inter-house football tournament

The annual Trinity College inter-house football tournament took place on 23 February at the Trinity College Rugby Stadium, Pallekele. The tournament was split into senior and junior matches, with a total of 10 teams, representing the 5 senior and junior houses. The tournament kicked off with the 5 junior house teams battling each other for victory, the young footballers gave a good display. The junior tournament ended with Squealary House pocketing the championship with 3 wins. Other placings – 2nd Place – Sahayam House, 3rd Place – Pilcher House, 4th Place – Saunders House and 5th Place – Gibson House. In the senior tournament Central Boarding House and Simithraaratchy House became joint champions. Final results 1st Place – Central Boarding House & Simithraaratchy House, 2nd Place – Garrett House, 3rd Place – Oorloff House and 4th Place – Lemuel House.

Nimnaka Jayatilake captures 100 wickets

Antonian Nimnaka Jayatilake became the first cricketer from Kandy to take 100 wickets in the 2018/19 inter school cricket season. This talented bowler reached the 100-wicket mark after nine years. Nimnaka became the fourth bowler of his school (fifth occasion) to reach the 100-wicket milestone, and the first since Aravinda Premaratne in 2010/11. Muthiah Muralitharan achieved this feat twice in successive seasons (1989/90 and 1990/91) and Sajith Fernando in 1991/92. Nimnaka Jayatilake, learnt his cricket at Chandranada Buddhist School under Deelipa Sumanaratne, after playing senior cricket he was invited by the Katugastota school to join them.

Road Race, 2019

With many hard days of training athletes of Trinity gathered around to run the 4km road race where 75 participated. 15 athletes were allowed from each house.

The route was from the school chapel to the Sri Dalada Thapowana Vihara Mawatha (past Udawattakele) to Sri Dhamma Dhassi Mawatha, past Vidyartha College Primary School and through Lady Gordon’s Drive and down the same path to the finishing line at the chapel.

The top 10 athletes were M.N. Divyan (Simithraaratchy), Sanuda Gunawardena (CBH), N.A. Perera (Oorloff), Koojana Kulatunge (Lemuel), Abidh Jameel (Garrett), U. Nevilraj (CBH), S.M. Akash (CBH), D.C. Delician (CBH), S. Aluwihare (Simithraaratchy) and Reshan Bandaranayake (Lemuel). The overall results were 1st Place – Central Boarding House, 2nd Place – Garrett House, 3rd Place – Oorloff House, 4th Place – Simithraaratchy House and 5th Place – Lemuel House

Antonian-Trinity mini battle on March 4 and 5

The St. Anthony’s v Trinity mini cricket battle played between the 2nd XI teams will take place on March 4 and 5 at the Asgiriya Stadium. Last year’s match played at Katugastota ended in a draw.

Dharmaraja-Maliyadeva drawn

The Under 19 traditional cricket match between Dharmaraja and Maliyadeva played at the Maliyadeva grounds, Kurunegala ended in a draw. Scores: Maliyadeva 153 (43 overs) and 138 (48.4); Dharmaraja 176 (55.3) and 92 for 9 (33).

Duncan White remembered on his birthday

The late Duncan White, who was born on 1st March 1918 and departed on 3 July 1998, was remembered in Kandy on his birthday. He is an athlete who has left an indelible mark in Sri Lanka's sporting history. White was the first Ceylonese athlete to win a medal in an Olympic event.

He won silver in the 400-metre hurdles at the 1948 summer Olympics in England. He was also the only South Asian to have won an Olympic medal in track and field at that time. White though he was born in Lathpandura near Kalutara, was educated at Trinity College, Kandy where he was awarded the 'Trinity Lion' for athletics.

He won his Olympic medal the same year Ceylon gained independence from Britain. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 1949. Later in 1988 he was honored with a postage stamp.

William Weerasinghe’s 20th death anniversary

William Weerasinghe was remembered on his 20th death anniversary which false on the first week of March.

Weerasinghe who hailed from down South studied at Dharmaraja College in his last stages of schooling and was involved in Kandy’s football, hockey and with Kandy RFC rugby. Later he was involved with Kandy SC when they were amalgamated. Known as Weera he was one time committee member, Vice President and team manager of Kandy SC. Today his son Mahesh Weerasinghe is the president of Kandy SC.


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