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Progressive measures taken on behalf of missing persons - Speaker

A series of steps taken by the government on behalf of missing persons have shown great progress, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said when he opened a branch of the Office on Missing Persons at Matara on March 3.

Describing the opening of the Matara Office as one such progressive step, the Speaker said it was an opportunity to heal past wounds while protecting self esteem.

“Everyone should work with dedication to prevent a repetition of such incidents by overcoming all hurdles,” he said.

The Speaker said, while he considered it a privilege to open the OMP office, he added that the government should strive to safeguard the Independence of the Judiciary.

The Speaker said payment of compensation on behalf of missing persons was a humanistic step which would enable everyone to protect self respect. Steps taken to listen to the laments of families, relatives and friends of missing persons at least belatedly was a valuable step.

He said the Office on Missing Persons was set up on the government’s own volition rather than a mechanism set up on the request of Geneva or any outside institution. The government would take steps to expedite compensation payments in respect of missing persons through the Commission.

National Integration, official languages, social progress and Hindu Religions Affairs Minister Mano Ganeshean described the opening of the OMP branch office as a great victory. It was in keeping with an election pledge given by the government. A similar branch office would be set up in the North too. He said missing persons should be given priority when allocating jobs and houses. Office for Missing Persons Chairman Saliya Peiris PC, Commissioner Mrs. Nimalka Fernando, Matara Divisioal Secretary and other Officials wee also present on the occasion. 


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