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Four boats, crew in Maldivian custody

Four multi-day boats which set out to sea from Thoduwarwa, Mahawewa, in Chilaw have been taken into custody by the Maldives with their crew members on board, on Friday, according to Chilaw Assistant Director of Fisheries Anura Jaysekara.

The four boats are Rosa Kusum, Inoli, Dilara and Pujana Sneha 2.

Two of the boats were taken into Maldivian custody while they were returning with a catch of fish, while the other two had been taken while their crew were engaged in fishing. Twenty-five fishermen had manned the four boats.

They were towed to Huli Mala island around noon yesterday. Fisheries Department Director (Operations) Kalyani Hewapthirana said they were in contact with the Maldivian government regarding the four boats and their crew.

The Department had initiated an investigation and action to get the boats and crew released in consultation with the Foreign Affairs Ministry. 


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