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Maha Sivarathri: Footing sins

Hindus the world over engage in fasting on the day of descending Chathurathi. During the night of the day, they control their words and deeds and fully concentrate on reciting Vedic scriptures. They devote their time in playing religious music, singing devotional songs and engaging in religious activities.

The night of the Maha Sivarathri is divided into four parts and during the first period, they pour milk on the statue of Lord Siva. During the second period, they pour curd on the Lord Siva statue and pour gee over it during the third period. During the fourth period, they pour honey on the statue.

While attending these rituals, devotees pray with Bila leaves for them to be victorious over past sins they have committed and vow to refrain from new sins. If a devotee cannot observe Vrathams, they have to drink milk or water.

The Sivarathri comprises many Vrathams. Yoga, Bhakthi, Monthly, and Nithya Sivarathri are some of them. The devotees observe the Maha Sivarathri in February (Month of Margazhi). It is powerful than other Vrathams.

Observing Sivarathri commenced when the Brahma and the creatures he created were destroyed by an unknown force. During this period, Mother of the Universe Umadevi rendered her ardent devotion to Lord Siva and requested him to declare the Mahasivarathri Vrathams to be followed by all in the universe.

Those who observe the Vrathams can eliminate their past, present and future sins. The Almighty Siva will, most certainly, protect them. 


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