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Down’s syndrome teen model

What began as a simple photo on social media, uploaded by mom Rubia, has turned into the beginning of a modeling career for 14-year-old Georgia Traebert from Curitiba, Brazil.

“Well that happens all the time,” you might say. True, except Georgia isn’t your typical model. She has Down’s syndrome, and she’s proving that the condition needn’t stop people from achieving their dreams.

“It all started as a joke,” Rubia explained.

“I posted a picture of her on Facebook and it was a hit straight away. The idea was to see how much it can inspire other Down’s Syndrome children.Today she is listed in five modeling agencies but what really worked was Instagram and Facebook. That’s where she became known worldwide.”

Georgia’s Instagram account now has over 50k followers, and she is becoming well-known in her native country. She has always been keen on modeling and fashion, and although she struggled as a child to fit in at school, enduring periods of loneliness and insecurity about herself, she has now gone on to singing on-stage and appearing in various advertisements.

“Now jobs have started to appear,” Rubia said.

“She has just made a commercial for a famous brand here in Brazil and also modeled for one of the biggest jewelry designers in Brazil.”

But while Georgia’s blossoming career has done wonders for her self-confidence, her mother does worry sometimes about the negative people who appear online to cast doubt on her achievements.

“The hardest part was when I read some people post comments that she is only successful because of her blonde hair and blue eyes – Georgia is a very kind child and very talented, otherwise she would not have come so far,” she said.

“Today, as she stands out in the media, she is now surrounded by girls who ask her about her career and her work, so being in the media and having a career helped a lot with her confidence in that sense. Her biggest dream is to be an actress or a singer, then a model. So, we are investing in drama and singing classes.

Who knows? Maybe she will act next. My advice is to never ever give up. Keep fighting and persist in your dreams, for nothing is impossible. Just want, believe and fight to make them real.”

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