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Construction of Kandy Tunnel to commence next year: Minister

Public Enterprise, Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development Minister Lakshman Kiriella said the construction of the Deiyannewela-Tannekumbura tunnel, proposed as a solution to the traffic congestion in Kandy, was suspended due to hypocritical ideas raised by certain individuals.

He was speaking at the launching ceremony of the Suwaseriya Ambulance Service in the Central Province, yesterday. Expressing his views on the matter, the minister said that residents of Kandy continued to question about the Kandy tunnel.

“We have received Cabinet approval to build a tunnel from Deiyannewela to Tannekumbura, in order to alleviate the traffic congestion in Kandy. The Korean government has stepped forward to support the project,” Minister Kiriella said.

“The Korean Ambassador brought this matter to my attention on a number of occasions, inquiring why it has not been implemented so far.

Moreover, during the President’s visit to Korea, one of the first matters to be raised by them was regarding the construction of the relevant tunnel,” he said.

The minister said, “We have funds and the plans for the project. One of the main reasons for the issue that arose is that certain people from our government have informed the leaders that if the tunnel were to be built, it would cause the Dalada Maligawa to collapse.

They had also warned that there could be leakage from the Kandy lake as well.”

“This tunnel does not go anywhere near the temple. These parties do such things out of spite,” he said; “I met the Foreign Minister of South Korea when he was in the island for a visit. They are ready to grant the necessary funds.”

“Every country in the world has subterranean cities. Those cities will never collapse. We intend to take measures to start this project by the first quarter of next year.

We have the necessary funds as well as the support from the Ambassador, and we also have Korean engineers to support the project, in addition to the Cabinet approval,” Minister Kiriella said. 


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