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More funds allocated for each DS division under Gamperaliya

The monies allocated for each Divisional Secretariat under the Rapid Rural Development Project Gamperaliya will be increased from Rs.200 million to Rs.300 million in 2019, State Minister Ranjith Akluvihare said.

“The government will implement the Rapid Rural Development Project Gamperaliya covering all the districts in the country. Earlier, each Divisional Secretariat was provided Rs.200 million for the year 2018 and this will be increased in 2019” the State Minister said, at the launch of a development project under Gamperaliya in Raththota in the Matale district.

The State Minister said Rs.3000 million has already been allocated for various projects under the programme in the Rattota electorate and added that in future the government has plans to further expand the programme with more benefits to the people.

The State Minister went on to say that, the government has decided to take immediate measures to accelerate economic growth by improving the infrastructure facilities and to develop the livelihood of the people and ‘Gamperaliya’ was one programme among others to realize this goal.

Under the Gamperaliya programme, the government will fast-track rural development by developing irrigation, rural roads, schools, sanitary facilities and playgrounds, Sathipola, green park, electricity, renovation of religious and archaeological sites, housing development, issuing land deeds and entrepreneurship in all districts of Sri Lanka.

The proposed program is to be implemented for a period of two years. 


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