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Cyber Security, Data Protection Bills to be presented to Parliament

A Cyber Security Bill and Data Protection Bill are scheduled to be presented to Parliament within the next three months, Non-Cabinet Minister of Digital Infrastructure and Information Minister Ajith P. Perera said.

Addressing the media at his Ministry yesterday, Minister Perera stressed the importance of updating laws related to technology and internet usage in order to face cyber attacks and other internet related crimes.

“With the new Cyber Security Act coming into force, the country would be able to make cyber space healthier and action taken against those committing cyber crimes. The Data Protection Act will ensure the protection of intellectual property, privacy or data protection.

The new Act is very much important for a country like Sri Lanka which is moving towards a digital economy,” the Minister said.

He said that the Cabinet Paper on the digitalization of economy has already been submitted for approval of the Cabinet of Ministers.

He further said that the IT sector is the country’s fourth largest foreign exchange earner and with the enactment of the new data protection and cyber security laws, it will become the country’s largest foreign exchange earners within the next 10 years.

He also added that the Ease of Doing Business Index of the country will be increased with the improvement of country’s digital infrastructure facilities.

The minister revealed that a large number of investors refused to invest in Sri Lanka due to the absence of adequate data protection laws and the new Act will help impose investor friendly laws in the country.

Commenting on the new Carbon Tax that has been imposed on all vehicles except electric vehicles, Minister Perera said that it is an unwanted and unfair tax imposed by the Environment Ministry and urged the President to take necessary measures to remove it.


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