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No holds barred

The Buddhist monk and martial arts guru Bodhidharma aka Daruma from India is said to have taken not only Chan Buddhism to China in the fifth century but also an unarmed combat method.

He trained Chinese monks of Shaolin Temples with this fighting method to counter wrath of their ruthless king.

This martial arts method eventually was revealed to the world as Shaolin Kungfu.

However long before Bodhidharma, a method of martial arts known as Angam had prevailed in our country. This pioneering Sinhalese martial arts method gave might to patriots who indulged in combat against invaders, centuries back.

Sudaliya and Maruwalliya had been the two schools of Angam that were adhered by these warriors.

Angam Hatana

A docu-film on Angam made as Angam Hatana by the Capital Maharajah Company that manages Sirasa media network was unveiled at the NFC.

The docu-film made to international standards depicts the history of this amazing martial arts method, its hibernation due to foreign invasions and the revival of this art in modern times.

The event was graced by the Cabinet Minister of Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs, Sajith Premadasa, Prof J B Dissanayake, Department of Cultural Affairs director-general Anusha Gokula, Air Force commander Air Marshal Kapila Jayampathy, IGP Pujith Jayasundara, Kishu Gomes and Capital Maharajah Group Director, Nedra Weerasinghe with media connoisseur Susara Dinal.

Sri Lanka’s Got Talent program produced by Sirasa TV showcased Angam team of the Sri Lanka Air Force lead by Angam guru Ajantha Mahantharachchi. The team emerged winners at this program by demonstrating breathtaking Angam acts. Their performances via Sirasa TV have caught international attention.

Thus with blessings of the Capital Maharajah Chairman R Rajamahendran the project of producing a docu-film on Angam with a view to archiving history and development of this Sri Lankan fighting method has got off the ground.

Chief Guest of the event Cabinet minister Sajith Premadasa said, “Angam combat method represents the heritage of our country towards safeguarding its people. It has a centuries-old history and a golden set of values embedded to it. This docu-film surely would contribute towards protecting this art for posterity by means of archiving it in digital form”.

He also said, “Sirasa TV constantly indulges in producing innovative programs that add value to society. Gammedda is one such program apart from Sri Lanka’s Got Talent program. I appreciate Sirasa’s efforts towards enhancing the status of the society.”

Susara Dinal said, “Sirasa FM will celebrate its silver jubilee and Sirasa TV will complete 20 years of service to the nation this year. We made a platform for talented Sri Lankan youth to showcase their talents. We have elevated them to the national and international level via our media network.”

He added, “Sri Lanka’s Got Talent is the Sri Lankan version of the international spin-off program branded as, Got Talent. We used this program to shed light on the ancient Sri Lankan martial arts method of Angam Pora. Angam guru Ajantha Mahantharachchi participating with his team to win the trophy contributed towards taking this combating art to the world”.

Nedra Weerasinghe said the enthusiasm amongst people in Sri Lanka towards the revival of Angam fighting style was given a boost via Sri Lanka’s Got Talent program. She said this national heritage will be preserved for posterity and Sirasa would further harp on innovation.



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