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Steuarts Town House Tea Lounge opens at Union Place

The new showroom at Union place
The new showroom at Union place

Steuarts Town House Tea Lounge recently opened its second outlet at Union Place recently.

Over the past 4 years Town House Tea Lounge offered anextensive range of the finest Ceylon Teas to its patrons. Their range includes Ceylon black teas, fruity teas, herbal teas, green teas and specialty teas in wooden boxes, metal caddies, foil packs, craft boxes and regular packs.

Paddy Weerasekera, Chief Executive Officer Consumer, George Steuarts & Co said “We are delighted to open our second outlet which is centrally located in Union place with ample parking,which no doubt will offer more convenience to better serve our regular customers. To celebrate this occasion were happy to serve free tea to all passing by people and offered free tea sample gifts.”

“Today our brand is very popular among regular tea drinkers locally and we are also proud to say that we export our tea to over 40 countries.

Apart from our tea being bought regularly for daily consumption we have seen both local and foreign customers purchasing tea as corporate gifts, by those who fly overseas for business meetings and as gifts for friends and family living abroad to offer them with the finest of Sri Lankan Tea. We have made available our full range of teas via Town House Tea Lounge which is otherwise currently not available at regular trade outlets. Furthermore,at Tow House our customers are able to physically examine the many varieties of tea for its textures and aromas prior to their purchase”, Weerasekera added.

May it be High Tea, Breakfast Tea or simply a Cuppa to cheer, Tea drinking was a fine honed passion.Naturally, arriving in Sri Lanka laden with great expectation for indulging in the art of tea making,the Steuart Brothers were dedicated to create their own distinctive blend of Pure Ceylon Tea.They traversed the island, from North to South, from East to West. Magical discoveries were made.Unique blends of Tea containing distinctive flavours, delightful aromas and scintillating liquors werecreated.


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