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‘Constitution needs more changes’

The government was able to fulfil only a part of its pledge to change the Constitution by adopting the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, City Planning, Water Supply and Higher Education Minister Rauff Hakeem said.

‘Since there is insufficient time left for the government to abolish the Executive Presidency or change the Parliamentary election system, it should at least try to include the proposals agreed by all parties in the Constitution, because the problems suppressed due to the war should not be forgotten,’ he said.

The Minister was addressing a meeting held at Galatha Uda Palatha in Gampola, to mark the inaugural ceremony of the Praja Jala Abhimani National programme on March 1.

Minister Hakeem said when he told the President about his proposal, the President too agreed to it and said a decision would be taken on the matter after calling a meeting of party leaders next week.

The Minister said the Praja Jala Abhimani water supply programme would be implemented covering 1,000 villages in the country.

‘Twenty-five meetings had been planned on that day in 25 districts with the participation of Ministers and Parliamentarians. Under this programme, a meeting of representatives from all 25 districts would be convened at Temple Trees under the patronage of the Prime Minister this month. The Finance Minister had also assured him full support to implement the programme,’ he said.

The 25 projects were launched by formulating a programme after visiting all villages and identifying water sources.

The Minister said a special regulatory authority was being set up to protect catchment areas and water basins for which the President too had given approval.

He said the management of these community water projects would be entrusted to the community-based society in every village.

Such societies would be able to charge a minimal sum for the upkeep of the projects and make a saving too for their management. State Minister Lucky Jayawardena, Gampola Mayor, several people’s representatives and officials were also present on the occasion.


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