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S. Thomas’ Captain

As a junior cricketer rising through the ranks, my dream was to one day enter the pitch at SSC as a member of the playing 11 in the "Battle of the Blues". In 2017, I fulfilled that dream. I was extremely grateful to have received such an opportunity and I have no doubt that hard work and perseverence will earn anyone their place in the team.

The path that led me to earning the title of captain was one that involved a great deal of sacrifice. It is a position that I value immensely, and a great deal of effort also goes into ensuring that the team performs well in all aspects of the game. As an idol, I look up to Kumar Sangakkara for his calm demeanour, humble quality, and elegant batting. As a wicketkeeper-batsman, he values self-discipline and ensures that his team does the same.

Having played in all the junior age groups right up to U17, it was always enjoyable to watch the first 11 play at the Big Club grounds. Watching those games was inspirational and instrumental in moulding my desire to earn the right to wear the prestigious blue and black blazer. Our fondest childhood memories were when our seniors used to train us and impart their knowledge on our game. Their criticism along with our coaches' was the primary motivation on my journey to reach the first 11.

It is an honour to be a part of a tradition that spans 140 years; an unbroken tradition. As a captain, I am humbled to be included alongside such esteemed company. To every schoolboy, the Royal-Thomian Big Match is a must-attend event, and it is also an opportunity for those who have left the boundaries of both schools to reunite and rekindle old friendships. We hope to have an entertaining big match that will be memorable for everyone.

I am extremely proud of my team. They are full of talent and determination to accomplish our primary objective, which is to return the D.S. Senanayake Memorial Shield back to its rightful place in Mount Lavinia.

Sithara Hapuhinna


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