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Six Tips To Survive And Thrive


If something, —anything— is passed to you in a bottle or a cup, it usually has alcohol in it. Now, most people relish this free flow of high spirits, but if you're not one of these people—do look out.


Food at the venue is consistently terrible, and will always be the same old "mystery meat patties and sausages wrapped in dodgy bread". You might want to venture out for noms. We'd recommend Floor by O!, Arcade for variety, Quick Thai or Fortune Boat, all within walking distance of the SSC.


There are many colourful songs that can be heard at the match venue, sung by boys in various states of inebriation. Now, it's all well and good to sing these at a loud cricket ground, but it's best to avoid singing them in front of your parents.

Lunch, Tea and Innings Breaks

This has always been the favourite part of the day: during the lunch break, tea or after the conclusion of the day's play, the spectators are allowed onto the field to stroll around. This is the best time to meet up with friends who are at other tents, or run into old classmates who you haven't seen since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.


A lot of boys, booze, and bromance leads to the inevitable clash or two—most often between good friends and not the two schools. They tend to resolve themselves, so it's best to just avoid and ignore.


There are designated tents for the different schools. It's usually considered bad form foolish to heckle Royal at a Royalist tent or vice-versa, but there are the brave few who manage to do this and get away with their limbs intact.

If you're an innocent bystander who's been coaxed to go to the match with your friend or significant other, you can flip a coin and decide to support a side. If your family hails from one school, and your SO from the other—well then, good luck navigating those murky waters. – yamu


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