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The Barnesbury launches an all new menu for 2019!

The Barnesbury is proud to release some new dishes for your enjoyment. Chef Manjula who has been there from the inception has come up with some new creations – too good to miss whilst retaining the popular favourites as well!Manjula caters to varied palettes offering a tried and tested menu from western, fusion and local cuisine. Reveling in mixing and matching with fresh ingredients, this all new menu is hard to beat!

Moving into its sixth year, The Barnesbury continues to boast its’ shisha hut, spacious garden, ample parking, sports news, private function room for any occasion, delicious desserts, an amazing beverage collection, shakes and health drinks.

A cosy atmosphere prevails throughout the day with attentive service and more importantly freshly prepared quality food! For the coffee connoisseur, a great range of coffees are also available, where freshly brewed coffee is all yours to either kick start your day, to enjoy after a meal, or to have a chilled brew to beat the heat!

Delicious appetisers, salads, soups and wraps suitable for any dietary requirement, in addition to the pizzas, enchiladas, seafood, poultry, beef and lamb, the popular burgers, pastas, waffles and rice are only just some of the areas covered in Chef Manjula’s extensive menu.

Located on Barnes Place closer to the Kynsey Road end, The Barnesbury has easy access, parking and is opened throughout the week. Ideal for business meetings, catching up with friends, celebrations, a foodies haven, this is a definite must visit haunt any day of the week! Wi-Fi is available, so, one can catch up with pending work in quiet surrounds while sipping a flavoured tea or a traditional brew, perhaps with a brownie to add variety to your work frame of mind.


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