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Into the Blue

Unilever Sri Lanka held a fun-filled Influencer event at Water’ Edge last month, to spread awareness about the recently-launched Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 body lotion. Titled ‘Into the Blue’, the event witnessed a gathering of Sri Lanka’s foremost social media influencers converging expectantly at the venue for a day of fun. 24 teams of influencers consisting of four participants each, competed in activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, archery tag and cycling to win amazing prizes.

The winning team won four return air tickets to Bangkok while the teams that came in second and third were treated to hotel stays in Sri Lanka. The aim of getting influencers to engage in outdoor activities was to demonstrate that the SPF level of Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 body lotion offers comprehensive protection from harmful effects of the sun, which empowers users to go out and indulge in outdoor activities without apprehension about spending too much time in the sun. Rightly so, influencers generously applied the newly-launched Vaseline product and engaged in a joyous day of outdoor fun without a care in the world.

Commenting on the event, Vaseline Brand Manager Medhavi Jayaratne said: “Everybody loves an active lifestyle, but very often we curb this desire because of the strong sun we experience in Sri Lanka. Whether it’s participating in a sport of your choice, traveling to explore places in your bucket list or even just a trip to the beach with friends – we cannot escape spending time outdoors in the harsh sun.

But yes, we can protect ourselves from any damage to our skin by using a product like Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 body lotion, which provides complete protection even from UV rays. As long as we follow the instructions for frequency of application, we can spend hours in the sun without suffering any negative consequences. The skin protects our bodies in so many ways and this is one way of nourishing it in return.” -SA


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