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Celebrate Women’s month with NDB Araliya

NDB Araliya has been a guiding hand to countless women in Sri Lanka, giving them the helping hand they need in order to take care of themselves and their families.

With the recent introduction of the Araliya proposition to assist all Sri Lankan women from housewives to salaried women and women in business to receive both financial and non-financial aid to achieve their goals, NDB Araliya has further established themselves as the best place in which Sri Lankan women can receive the assistance they need to achieve their goals in life.

During the month of March, where the “woman” is celebrated all across the world, NDB Araliya has made yet another remarkable offer.

In line with Women’s month, a special gift scheme will be available from March 1, for those who open a current account or a savings account via Araliya.

The NDB Araliya Accounts will act as pillars of strength by providing far more than a great platform to save.

The Araliya Savings and Current Accounts are the only women’s account that provides life protection cover and hospitalization cover not just for the account holder but also for her immediate family members, while the other product offerings such as Current Accounts, Business Loans, Credit Cards as well as non-financial services assist women to achieve their goals and aspirations.

An individual can thus open an Araliya account and receive exciting gifts.

NDB Araliya provides all Sri Lankan women from housewives and salaried women to women in business with financial and non-financial assistance to achieve their goals as well guidance to improve their entrepreneurship knowledge and skills if so needed.

Araliya serves to be the platform in which women entrepreneurs can receive financial and business education including financial literacy and financial budgeting to help them better understand the functioning of the financial services offered by the Bank and to teach them successful strategies regarding the management and marketing of their business.


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