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Iran celebrates Women’s Day in Colombo

Women’s Day was celebrated at the Iran Cultural Centre on March 1.

The Iranian Ambassador’s wife, Zaeri Amirani spoke on women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Bhikkuni Rev. Vijithananda and Nilanti Pushpakumari also spoke on the importance of women in society.

Acknowledging women’s social, political and economic achievements, she added that naming a day for women has a long history, and in Iran, it was the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, Lady Fathima.

Amirani further pointed out that women have realised their strengths and capabilities and contribute to society.

“Women should be respected not just because they are women, but also because they are individuals with their own identity. They contribute equally to the betterment of society. Taking a biased stand, I would say, if there is no woman on the earth, then humankind would cease to exist, because it is the women who bring life to this world,” she said.

“Every woman is special whether she is a housewife or working in an office or doing both; she plays an important role in the upbringing of children and managing the home efficiently,” she said.


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