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International Women’s Day Messages

‘Women’s immense contribution calls for gender parity’

Women’s contribution in almost all fields including technology, communication, education, science, literature and culture is testament to women’s achievements and demands the need for maintaining a gender-parity mindset.

Women have come a long way through many hardships and challenges with much courage and commitment to ensure a sustained living. What women have achieved so far is an achievement for the community, because our families and society are bound by the decisive role played by them.

Women’s active role and commitment in building more inclusive systems and efficient services and in innovations are truly commendable, to accelerate progress for gender equality. “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change” will give us momentum to forge new ways in which we can advance gender parity and the empowerment of women.

We will stand for women, their rights and empowerment, for us to achieve equality for the better.

Ranil Wickremesinghe

Prime Minister


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