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Housing development, top of the agenda now - Sajith

During the last four years 335157 families in the North and South have received various benefits in the housing sector from the Yahapalana Government, Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Minister Sajith Premadasa said.

He said the housing development programme which was relegated to the bottom of the national agenda after the demise of later President Premadasa had been revived and brought to the top of the national agenda by the present government.

The Minister opened the ‘Sri Vipulatissa Nahimigama’ re-awakened village in Ganegoda, Eheliyagoda in the Ratnapura district recently.

Minister Premadasa said a large number of data and information, documents and photographs in the National Housing Develop ment Authority had gone missing during the previous regime due to various jealousies and deceitful activities.

He said the services rendered by the NHDA under various ministers during the last 40 yeas should be documented and preserved for future generations.Minister Premadasa said unlike during the previous regime where reins were on ministers other than members of the ruling elite for going all out to serve the masses, ministers in the present government have been given full freedom by the President and the Prime Minister to work for the masses.

He said opponents selling Buddhism for private gain could not build a single dagoba in the country during their period of rule.

It was the Yahapalana government which started building dagobas after a lapse of ten yeas after the war.

There are 21 million people belonging to 6.1 million families in the country.

They should be treated and served equally without any differences.Every one should have the opportunity to own a plot of land and a house.

He said the government also hoped to implement the ‘Grama Rajya’ concept in the 38,000 small villages in the country and it will help resolve people’s problems at local level.

The 170th reawakened village named Sri Vipulatissa Nahimigama vested in the people. It facilitated 31 families with a house and a plot of land each.To co-incide with the event 150 families the area will receive housing loans amounting to Rs.30 million under the “Visiri Nivasa” loans scheme and another 50 families will receive housing loans totalling Rs.10 million under the “Sonduru Piyasa” loan scheme. Another 25 families will receive housing loans of Rs.12 million under the “Viru Sumithuru” loans scheme.

Housing assistance will be provided to kidney patients in the area amounting to Rs. 5 million and free spectacles will be provided free to 241 with vision impairment.


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