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Kidney disease patient’s welfare given top priority now

Rs 628 mn unit opened at Kandy General Hospital

The Presidential Task Force set up by President Maithripala Sirisena to combat chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology has taken several measures towards achieving its objectives.

The prominent measures are behavioural pattern development, patient prior detection, treatment of patients, welfare activities for families of the patents and the community, provision of pure drinking water facilities, setting up of an active data base, surveys, research activities and policy formulation, the Government Information Department said in a press release.

Since early detection helps to control the disease according to expert opinion, the Task Force had launched kidney patients pre-detection programmes in 11 districts in association with the Health and Indigenous Medicine Ministry, special attention has also been drawn towards implementing drinking water supply programmes to people in areas prone to kidney disease by providing reverse osmosis plants, building rain water tanks and distributing domestic water filters. Under this programme 521 reverse osmosis plants had been distributed to cover 10 districts, the release said.

A kidney patient relief, hospitality and welfare centre affiliated to the Kandy General Hospital had been opened spending Rs.628 million from the National Kidney Fund established on a concept of the President.The welfare centre with the latest technology provides dialysis. Facilities, pre-detection clinics and investigation facilities, hostel accommodation for families of kidney patients and consultancy services for patients and other interested persons.Two similar centres are now coming up at Anuradhapura and Girandurukotte.

Air lift facilities have also been provided when necessary to transport kidneys of patients pronounced brain dead for transplant on acute kidney patients steps have also been taken to grant scholarships to children of dead kidney patients, provide housing assistance to families of kidney patents in the low income bracket and grant a Rs.5,000 monthly livelihood allowance to kidney patients.


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