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Safe and Sound Beach holiday

Bovisand Lodge Holiday Park
Bovisand Lodge
Bovisand Lodge

Breathtaking Bovisand is a wonderful historic setting where you can hire a lodge, apartment or mobile home, and for a while free your mind from the chaos and confusions of busy modern life. A peaceful idyllic space where you and your children’s creative energies can once again re-emerge exploring the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

Nestled in a steep sided valley and overlooking the ocean, Bovisand Lodge Holiday Park is also perfectly placed for discovering the areas fascinating sights and cultural gems. For those that love to walk and marvel at beauty, there are footpaths, even goat trails that are both magical for kids who are animal lovers and depending on the time of year muddy and fun to do, so bring those Wellington boot. The most popular walk leads from the beach at the foot of the mobile home site - one way takes you to a shop selling delicious ice creams, hot drinks and cakes with views of the stunning rocky coastline in all directions, and the other pathway will take you towards Plymouth, which, if walked at dusk, appears around the point like a romantic heavenly night sky, scattered with stars and city lights of every colour in mysterious accumulations and reflections off the sea.

Plymouth city of exploration is rich in cultural heritage, and only 20 minutes by car or less if timed right with the half-hourly Mount Batten ferry, which takes ten minutes to cross to the Barbican, and a harbour full of living historic sites including a bakery that made the salty biscuits four hundred years ago for the Mayflowers epic voyage to America. There are many special places to see, like the National Aquarium, The Mayflower Steps and Museum packed full of fascinating facts, The Plymouth Gin Distillery situated in a four hundred year old monastery with hourly tours and gin tasters for adults. The harbour itself has seen many important people come and go and has a range of excellent places to eat and drink and many quirky shops. And if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite, walk five minutes to the famous Hoe, where Drake stands proud looking out to sea like when he played his legendary game of bowls prior to singeing the King of Spain’s beard, or climb to the top of Smeaton’s lighthouse tower for the views of the ocean and the rest of Plymouth. On the way down stop in the little shop at the bottom and buy an excellent book on the life of a lighthouse keeper for a pound. In Summer nothing beats a trip to the Lido, just below the lighthouse, with what must rank at the top seaside views In the world, or simply walk around the park with its plethora of statues, the active Royal Citadel fort, and the Sensory garden with its tributes to Ann Frank and the Rwandans, where you can contemplate in peace, the madness of war, gin and genocide.

Closer to home, Bovisand has a good sized indoor heated pool by the main historic house and lodges so a quick walk from any part of the site. There is also a sauna that overlooks the pool and from which your young children can be watched while enjoying a swim in the winter months, after playing in the outdoor playground, karting down the grass, enjoying ball games on the open grassland, conversing with the goats, white doves and chickens, maybe even collecting the hens’ organic eggs for an evening omelette after feeding them in the morning with seeds. The caravans are pristine and amazingly well fitted out such that nothing has been forgotten and everything you need is at hand, as if you had packed your home kitchen and brought it with you. At night you can fall asleep to the sound of the little brook, the roar of the sea or the pattering of rain on the roof; whichever way, you hear nature breathing its soothing sounds, a far cry from the sirens and intense buzz of modern cities.

What about the hosts? Well, they are the cherry on the top, for this third generation brother and sister hospitality act are always cheerful, hands-on, helpful, interesting to talk to with wonderful stories about fun things to do in the area, as they hand out buckets of seeds for the kids to feed the chickens each morning at 10am. Things only a local knows like where the reservoir is on their property that used to fill the boats up with water before going off on their long sea voyages. They are fully committed to making your experience an exceptional one with brochures and maps in the common areas and comprehensive file of what to do and where to go in each rental room. So if you are looking for five star magic, a home from home; no, better than that, a home without stress in a stunning country and seaside setting look no further as Bovisand overlooking Plymouth Sound is the very essence of the saying ‘safe and sound.’


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