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Mouthwatering pieces of sushi art

For people with creative minds, everything can be made possible, even if it is a dish that is as traditional and very specific as the sushi.

Sushi is a Japanese food, made with cooked vinegar rice, vegetables, tropical fruits, and seaweed. Although it is presented in varying forms, they all have one ingredient in common and this is the rice.

Traditionally, sushi is prepared with either white or brown rice. It is often served with soy sauce, pickled ginger, and wasabi. Although purists say that sushi itself is already a fine piece of art, some are able to transform this conventional dish into truly amazing masterpieces. With a little rice and just some added colouring, it is possible to transform sushi into various forms and shapes.

Little Miss Bento, a café in Sinapore which is highly inspired by the Japanese culture is managed by Shirley Wong who gained a huge fan following when she posted her creations on her website and social media channels. Her sushi art ranges from animals, cartoon characters, and other interesting patterns. They look so good, you won’t have the heart to eat them.

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