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‘CNCI Achiever Awards 2019’ launch on March 12

The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries – CNCI has planned its official launch and the media briefing of the “CNCI Achiever Awards 2019” for Industrial Excellence to be held at Hotel Taj Samudra on March 12, 2019 at 6 pm.

This is a unique event where the CNCI, the premier Industrial Chamber in the country identifies and recognizes the Sri Lankan Industrialists for their achievements both in the manufacturing and service sectors.

The Achiever Awards have been designed by the CNCI to promote industrial growth in the country by recognizing and rewarding those industrialists who have excelled well in their businesses in the areas of quality standards, productivity, employee benefits, labour relations etc while assuring concerns over the social and environmental obligations and to encourage these enterprises to reach further heights in their respective industries.

This is a valuable opportunity for all industrial settings of Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small and Micro categories in the country to know their own stand in their industry in the provincial and National levels. Secretary General of CNCI, Abeyratne Muthugala said that they are certainly proud to mention that the CNCI Achiever Awards Competition has been able to produce a number of industrialists to the country who have become highly reputed and leading businessmen in Sri Lanka today.

In this instance, it is pertinent to mention that there are some companies who initially contested under the categories of “Small” and “Medium” are now in the categories of “Large” and “Extra Large”. These are, of course, the success stories behind the Achiever Awards Event organized by the CNCI, he further said.

As a part of the application process,the CNCI also has planned an awareness campaign through some selected regional chambers covering all parts of the island, giving special emphasis to the North and East, which are considered as ‘special districts’.

Applications for the CNCI Achiever Awards are subjected to a stringent evaluation procedure. Initially, the applications received will be audited by an audit firm to verify the accuracy of the information given, especially the financial information. Next is the interviews and evaluation of the applications by an internal panel of judges consisting of Chartered Accountants and Engineers. Thereafter the factory visits by judging members (of short listed companies) to witness the information provided by the applicants. Finally, all the short listed applications will be evaluated by an external panel of judges consisting of eminent personalities representing the public and private institutions related to Commerce and Industry in the country.

Applications will be available at the CNCI Chamber Secretariat, Galle Face Court 2, Colombo 3 and all regional Chambers or they can be downloaded from their website www.cnci.lk from 13th March 2019.

CNCI is pleased to mention that Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited – ANCL (Lake House) has been the Print Media Sponsor for “CNCI Achiever Awards” for the last 17 years.


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