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Jaya Sri Amathithuma coming soon

Sriyantha Mendisand Tennyson Cooray have joined hands to bring a memorable comedy for movie buffs. Titled ‘Jaya Sri Amathithuma’ Mendis stars as Minister Galigamuwa who has won the elections by a single vote. However before getting the news of his victory the minister believes that he has lost and develops a heart failure. His doctors decide that he needs a heart transplant. His secretary – Silva – comes up with the idea of using the heart of a dog for the transplant. A series of funny episodes follow this incident.

The film is directed by Nishantha Weerasinghe and produced by Janitha Marasinghe. It also stars Damitha Abeyratne, Kusum Renu, Gayathri Dias, Lakshman Amarasekara, Ariyaratne Gamage, Jeewan Handuneththi and others. The film will be the next attraction at Regal and other CEL circuit film halls. 


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