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CI Neville Silva complains to NPC: “My transfer is unfair”

Forced to carry out an illegal order
Rathgama incident acted as a warning

Former Colombo Crimes Division OIC, Chief Inspector Neville de Silva who had been transferred to Police Headquarters last week lodged a written complaint with the National Police Commission (NPC) yesterday claiming that he was transferred in an unfair manner.

The IGP has ordered the transfer citing service requirements.

According to the complaint made by Chief Inspector Neville de Silva, he had been transferred for not carrying out an illegal order given by a senior Police officer regarding a suspect taken into custody with drugs nearly two months back. He has also mentioned in the complaint that he refused to follow his instructions by taking Rathgama incident as an example.

A Senior Officer of the National Police Commission said that, this Police officer had been transferred without the approval of the NPC.

He further said that if the investigations conducted on the complaint revealed that the CI had been transferred without a valid reason then measures will be taken to cancel his transfer.



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