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TNA urges Govt. to sponsor proposal at UNHRC

Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian Mavai Senathirajah appealed to Parliament yesterday (11) urging the government headed by Maithripala Sirisena to sponsor a proposal at the UN Human Rights Commission.

He said that when a Humans Rights Commission is sponsored, will then strengthen the Tamil speaking people whose hopes are disappointed now.

If he doesn’t agree with the Tamil people, a coalition will form to fight justice in the form of democracy and justice in Parliament.


He added, that human skeletal shells found in Manner will be reintroduced by international experts as it is very disappointing with current results. The government is able to expedite the work of assessing lost property in the war affected North and East with the assistance of domestic and foreign experts.

Ten years after the end of the war, no economic progress was carried out. Similarly, in 2019, the budget is allocated funds, but funding is not enough to actually rebuild those areas. We have already insisted on the government parties to set aside funds for those who have were killed in the war and to set up the systematic plans to rebuild the lost and destroyed property details. That’s what we say right now. The government hasn’t done anything so far and has to come forward to assess the losses with the help of domestic and foreign experts.


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