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OPPO launches F11 Proto with new camera system

OPPO’s latest models to be added to its popular F series F11 Pro is said be equipped with a new camera system which includes a rising camera in the front and a 48MP rear camera. In addition to inheriting the excellent selfie function of the F series as well as the sleek gradient design of F9, the F11 Pro boast a panoramic screen bringing customers a more comfortable and flawless user experience.

Compared with traditional mobile phones, its 6.53-inch display screen and screen-to-body ratio of up to 90.9% delivers larger images and more visual space to live out eye-catching entertainment and gaming experiences.

OPPO, has always been committed to providing creative youth with the inventive mobile phones that allow them to snap and share expressions of themselves and the world around them.

F11 and F11 Pro are also powered by ultra-clear night mode and Color Mapping, OPPO’s system-level optimization solution specially designed for smartphone photography.

This solution automatically recognizes the shooting scene and matches it with the targeted optimization solution.

In ultra-night mode, it distinguishes between portraits and backgrounds, focuses on faces, and adjusts skin color in low-light portraits to enliven the overall effect.

This also intelligently reduces the overall noise, suppressing highlights, improving the dynamic range, and increasing the brightness of dark areas to make low-light shots clean and clear.

In addition to the above features, the OPPO F11 series also seek to improve the overall user experience and solve common smartphone problems such as over-heat, lag, and battery life.


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