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Environmental friendly ‘Veera’ roofing product from Idea Group

Idea Group of Companies that offered Sri Lankan consumers revolutionary, environmental friendly roofing products unveiled its innovative roofing product branded as ‘Veera’.

‘Veera’ product comes with the pay off line, ‘Friendly waves at any length’. ‘Veera’ product was unveiled at the Idea Group’s sales outlet at the ‘Construction 2018’ trade exhibition held at the BMICH recently.

As a new development, ‘Veera’ prime mover promotional vehicle commenced its operations recently by visiting every town, creating awareness on ‘Veera’ roofing products.

An expert team is available to explain the benefits of ‘Veera’ roofing. These benefits include, eco-friendly nature, the wavy shape loved by local consumers, softness, affordable pricing in the marketplace and the availability of ‘Veera’ roofing in any length.‘Veera’ product is a one hundred percent Sri Lankan product that perfectly blends with diverse climatic conditions in the country. ‘Veera’ roofing solutions is endowed with the ISO 9001:2015 international standard certification.

Veera product also has guaranteed safety attributes and durability. The outer layer of ‘Veera’ sheet is made with ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) that offers heavy resistance to sunlight and maintains coolness inside the house.

Revamped ‘Veera’ roofing products that would bring a better finish to any roof can now be obtained at any preferred length. Overlapping is not needed now when thatching a roof with ‘Veera’, thus the roof is better protected to stop seeping of water. Consumers can now obtain a square foot of ‘Veera’ roofing at a price of 110 rupees. ‘Veera’ roofing sheet does not contain attributes that stimulate cancer.

All these benefits for customers will be explained by the crew who visit your doorstep in Veera prime mover awareness vehicle.

Idea Group of Companies introduces 100 percent Sri Lankan manufactured products to the marketplace. Consumers in any economic background could benefit from its Green-oriented roofing products.

Idea Group having over 400 SIVILIMA and SIYANA showrooms throughout the island is the Sri Lankan company that has largest network of branches that cater to people of diverse social status.

Idea Group introduced SIVILIMA brand in 2013 and within five years it became a top-of-the-mind brand. Under the SLIVILIMA brand, i-Panel and i- Roof and an array of other related products are manufactured. These include green-oriented roofing products and interior decorating solutions.


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