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LB Finance: People’s Financial Service Provider of the year

Head of Marketing Sudeep Perera Picture by Wimal Karunathilaka
Head of Marketing Sudeep Perera Picture by Wimal Karunathilaka

LB Finance on March 5, was awarded the People’s Financial Service Provider of the Year 2019. The awards are issued by a partnership of the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) and Nielsen. The award was previously held by LOLC. The award is issued following a nationwide survey gauging brand awareness and favourability.

Selecting the winners of the people’s award is based on a nationwide survey spanning all age groups in between 15 and 60 years of age. The survey takes five months to complete and has very large samples. According to SLIM President Elangovan Karthik, “Winning a People’s award is the ultimate recognition of brand standing, as they are being recognized directly by their end consumer.”

Speaking exclusively to the Daily News Business, Head of Marketing Sudeep Perera was happy to see LB Finance awarded this prestigious title. Speaking on the significance of the award, he said, “this shows how the customers feel about the brand,” adding that in the subcategory, his was the “brand that is closest to the Sri Lankan hearts.”

Perera noted LB Finance’s strategy of attaining the top of the mind awareness. Perera further explained, “LB Finance within the gold lending market, is the 4th largest player and the largest non-bank player. LB Finance provides every product that is available in the sector. LB Finance is also present in all districts of the country. This all helps us to be the top brand in the country,” Perera said.

LB Finance notably placed in the Inter brand awards, was the highest ranking finance company. The company makes it a point to extend its branch opening times till 6 pm and to have branches open on Saturday.

Perera urged the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in the ethos of LB Finance. In preparation for its 50th anniversary, LB Finance aims to plant 50,000 trees. In his words, he “looks forward to working with staff members who truly care about the well-being of the customer.”

LB Finance’s “Mission Thuru Wawamu, 50-50Thousand” to plant 50,000 trees, was launched early this year to mark the company’s 50th anniversary.

Recognizing the need for a sustainable solution, LB Finance PLC, realized that adding trees would be most beneficial, negating the adverse effects of deforestation and helping to purify the air and cool the ground.



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