Cabinet approves Rs. 1,573 mn for drugs | Daily News

Cabinet approves Rs. 1,573 mn for drugs

Cabinet approval has been granted to import drugs and injections worth Rs. 1,573 million, required for haemophilia, diabetes and heart disease, a Health Ministry spokesman said.

According to the spokesman, the Health Ministry will spend Rs. 765 million to purchase 10,000 vials of 40 milligramme Tenecteplase injection for heart patients. Patients can receive the injection at any state hospital free and leave after two hours.

‘Around 52,000 vials of two types of drugs to treat haemophilia will be purchased at Rs. 571 million under the same Cabinet approval. This move will immensely help haemophilia patients,’ he said.

‘The Health Ministry will also purchase 850,000 vials of Biphasic Isophane Insulin at Rs. 273 million for diabetic patients. Insulin is essential for diabetic patients,’ he added.


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