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UPFA can’t even muster support of one third of Parliament - PM

The UPFA, which tried to usurp power in late October last year, did not even have the support of one third of Parliament, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said.

The Prime Minister, joining in the Budget debate in Parliament yesterday when the Expenditure Heads of the President, Prime Minister, independent commissions, judges of the superior courts and Parliament were taken up, pointed out that the UPFA could not muster at least 75 votes against the Budget when six JVP MPs were taken out.

“The vote showed your real numbers. The people are with us. With barely 71 MPs you hardly deserve to be the main Opposition party, let alone the hopes of grabbing power. You deceived the people for power. You have now been exposed. It was nothing but a conspiracy,” he told the UPFA benches.

“The TNA supported us even during the No Confidence Motion. The TNA voted in favour of the Budget also. The UPFA said this Government was a ‘Siyambalaanduwa’, but my concern is that we have an Opposition that throws chilli powder. Parliament incurred damages to a tune of Rs.500,000 due to that unruly incident. You tried to attack Parliament and the Speaker. Had it become successful, we do not have a Parliamentary system today. Traditionally, the Opposition moves Rs.10 cut from the budgetary allocations, but I propose to get that money from the MPs who threw chilli powder,” the PM commented.

The PM, commending the Speaker’s rulings during the period of political crisis, said that Parliament proved that it is supreme, independent and that it works in line with the people’s mandate. “We can be proud of Parliament. Parliament is only answerable to the voters. Parliament showed that it has that strength to work independently,” he added.

The Prime Minister, observing that the Opposition is free to criticise the Government’s affairs, however stressed that naming the judges and blaming them cannot be allowed.

“The Supreme Court showed that it is now independent and is bound to protect the Constitution. It was under the former reign that the Chief Justice was sacked. The Supreme Court gives rulings not to protect the Government, but to protect the Constitution. It has also given unfavourable rulings for the Government. The Supreme Court interprets the Constitution. We have to accept that and work accordingly,” the Prime Minister said.

“If the Police Commission was not there, the anti-drug campaign would not have been successful like this. The Constitutional Council has properly fulfilled its task and produced reports. Its task is either to propose names or to approve or disapprove the names sent to it. The Constitutional Council has done so on solid grounds,” he said.

The PM, while observing that the UPFA MPs were contacting the UNP MPs asking to defeat the President’s Expenditure Head, asked in lighter vein as to what made the UPFA MPs get offended with the President.

The PM, while noting that the Government is on track of attracting investments, said the country’s second refinery would get off the grounds in Hambantota in several weeks to come.




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