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Famed Tibetan monk commemorated

A ceremony to commemorate the 68th death anniversary of Tibetan monk, Rev. S. Mahinda Thera will be held at Mahaweli Center in Colombo 7, on March 15.

The commemoration of Mahinda Thera will be conducted not only for the purpose of appreciating his noble service but also to focus on the continuation of his patriotic work, National Bhikku Front Secretary-General, Ven.Wakamulle Uditha Thera.

Ven.Uditha Thera said eventhough Rev. S. Mahinda Thera was not a Sri Lankan, he had a good vision for the country and its people, Ven.Uditha Thera said.

He was always against communalism and separatism and castigated them heavily through his poetry. (IR)


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