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Art that stimulate inner peace

World-renowned Pakistani artist and social worker Jimmy Engineer and Sri Lankan abstract narrative expressionist, Maueen Saheed
World-renowned Pakistani artist and social worker Jimmy Engineer and Sri Lankan abstract narrative expressionist, Maueen Saheed

Bianca Castafiore would have sung… Ah my beauty past compare…these jewels bright I wear… if she had worn sensuous and female-friendly jewelry designed by the internationally renowned Sri Lankan, Maueen Saheed.

On reaching the pinnacle of his career as a jewelry designer, Maueen Saheed had thought to kindle the artist within him and embark on a career as an artist.

Thus tiny pieces of art paper on which he worked on for decades designing jewelry were replaced by huge canvases.

Denial of mentoring by two reputed artists had made Maueen left alone to find his destiny as an artist. However those gurus have stressed, painting cannot be taught and one has to find his own philosophy towards art.

Focus and great philosophy towards life and beyond had finally paid dividends by making Maueen Saheed, an abstract narrative expressionist.

Maueen has pampered the abstract artist within him to grow with innovation. The Jeweler turned artist now seeks inner peace via his own paintings of abstract art.

Art exhibition at Billari Art Gallery

Billari Art Gallery at Park Road, Colombo owned by Maueen Saheed was officially unveiled to the public on March 8 with a joint art exhibition by two self-taught artists, Maueen himself and Pakistani artist Jimmy Engineer.

“Billari Art Gallery is a space filled with thought, love and peace. It is a space of beauty, creativity and innovations. It is a place where you leave your troubles and worries outside my gate. When you enter the Billari Art Gallery you will be taken on a spiritual journey”, Said Maueen Saheed.

“Abstract art is a medium which allows you to wonder…to ponder… to reflect your inner thoughts. As a jewelry designer I have travelled to many countries. I used to visit great museums to witness great works of the masters. I understood that the philosophy of each artist could be seen in their works. I was inspired by them and decided to follow their footsteps.

Both my would-be teachers in Malaysia and in Sri Lanka told me the same thing. They told me, “Maueen, if you paint 100 paintings…you may find something”. I was left alone in the ocean of art, without a teacher. I was looking for peace and happiness and I found that in Art. I was looking for inspiration and I found Jimmy Engineer”, Maueen further said.

World renowned artist Jimmy Engineer is a lover of Mother Nature. He indulges in drawing landscapes, still lives, seascapes, miniatures, paintings of war and works on historical and philosophical themes.

Jimmy has held over 80 art exhibitions in Pakistan and in other countries.

Jimmy who is a social worker is passionate towards bringing joy to needy children with his works. He said as a child he was affected with a severe kidney ailment and was cured miraculously.

“Two of my drawings will be displayed prominently at the Museum of Ontario, Canada. I have donated 700,000 of my paintings towards charities all over the world. I had the privilege of meeting Mother Theresa and donating my paintings to her”, said Jimmy.

Both the artists who are buddies have a common object that is to offer love, warmth, peace and harmony to people via their works.


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