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Dig your energy well

Dr Sampath Gunawardana
Dr Sampath Gunawardana

Since he was about 20, while still a medical student, Sampath Gunawardhana’s colleagues had made it a habit to approach him for advice, especially when they found they could not concentrate on their studies. He would listen to them and come up with solutions. Many years later, as a medical practitioner, Dr Sampath Gunawardana saw over a thousand Tsunami-caused dead bodies at Karapitiya Hospital. He still remembers a dead child brought to him.

That compelled him to begin investigating life. When he managed to take the stopped heart of an almost-dead child back to life, Dr Gunawardhana began to believe in alternative ‘methodologies’ other than traditional western medicine. The greater he grew his belief in this remedy, the greater the effect became.

He reached a culmination point: human energy.

We have human energy within us. That comes in various forms. One is biological energy. The food we gain from sunlight. Humans depend on food. Human strength stems from food. The other form is related to chemistry which deals with hormones and vibration energy.

People are focused on external phenomena. They have no time to focus on their internal energy. If you google ‘human energy’, the search engine will provide you with many explanations and descriptions. All the same, you may be clueless on raising your own energy.

We know it is possible, though we do not know how.

“The spiritual leaders made the maximum use of human energy. I have studied thousands of humans. I have designed and showcased my presentation abroad. If you can make correct use of human energy, many benefits await you. You can decrease the dosage. You can prevent people from committing suicide,” Dr Gunawardhana explains.

The awakening of human energy is based on a scale.

Every person has human energy. It sharpens with the profession you are engaged in. Some professions do not require much energy to produce. A janitor may not require the energy like a President or a managerial director needs.

“A child was born without breath and heart. I made use of human energy to save his life. I gave life to his heart. This is not any mantra or some religious ritual.

Exactly why we need to explore this phenomenon of human energy in the scientific realm. There are certain aspects not really assessed in western medicine. The western scientists explore to the core, but they get stuck at a certain point. There are things beyond your cognition, and we must realise that.

The scale adopted by Dr Gunawardhana ranges from 1 to 10. The last digit, 10, positions your best moment, whereas the first digit, 1, indicates your worst mood. 10 can happen on a day you pass an examination or receive a promotion, and similar experiences of happiness are defined by the digits closer to 10: 8 and 9. The lowest digit, 1, can happen on a day a loved one passes away.

“This scale is important to maintain our moods. Suppose someone blasts you. The effect lasts for hours. You keep on reflecting on what the other party said for a long period. It affects your productivity. Then you must train to be mindful about your scale position.”

Training yourself to be mindful of the scale changes your behaviour. The moment your mood hits the lowest ebb of happiness, the training helps you out. Whenever something negative happens, you will automatically be mindful about the lowest digits of the scale and force yourself to reach the highest digits of the scale.

“Try to practise this every day and you won’t get excited. You won’t react. Energy change won’t make you react. You understand how the level goes up and down. Check the energy level times. Then you need to check high energy times. We cannot change the times. You need to practise it quite often.”

You need to change like a chameleon on the scale. You need to master the art of talking to everyone on a different scale.

“I have been promoting this for 10 years. I could convert the worst people into good human beings. I was able to save people from committing suicide. They are alive today.”

Sri Lanka accepts drugs from overseas without any questioning. As Dr Sampath Gunawardhana says, most doctors are used to just dishing out medicines without really exploring the patients’ medical history.

“We must check if the patient really needs two capsules. We must inquire as to how he eats and behaves. We need to tend to the cause. The cause needs to be removed. We cannot ask the patient to stop medication altogether. But we should be able to reduce two pills into one at least.”

You cannot exist without medicines, Dr Gunawardhana emphasises. That’s where most philosophers err. The soothsayers and saints must have something accurate in their philosophies. Maintaining high energy does not mean a diabetic can survive without medicines. If you need insulin, you must go ahead with it.

“If there is a reality, there is a cause. The doctors do not know how to find the cause. There is a reason. Some sicknesses stem from the Kammic forces. We criticise the indigenous methods, but the western countries are adopting them. The United States, for instance, has completed recording the drums and other vernacular arts.”

Dr Gunawardhana cites essential factors in life: happiness, energy, love and money.

“The mental clearance paves the way to money. If someone is poor that is because of attitude. We need to find out why we do not have money and why we are a poor country. Why are some countries rich whereas we are not? They have the same brain as we do. We are not underestimating ourselves. The difference is in attitudes. They maintain good attitudes and a proper system. That’s the basic secret of becoming rich.”

Over the years, by trial and error, Dr Sampath Gunawardhana has been able to hone the methods whereby anyone can increase the energy levels. Step by step, you must abide by the methods Dr Gunawardhana imparts to you. That ensures increasing your energy levels to 5 or 6. “Some of my patients are addicted to narcotics. Because their energy levels are low. They inhabit a different world. I assist them to learn my methods for increasing their energy levels. They don’t know that they are at a low energy level. When they do these exercises, they increase their energy level.”

Dr Gunawardhana has never asked them to stop using narcotics. He does not ask addicts to stop smoking or drinking. When the addicts gain energy, when they are free, they will naturally give up on their habits. When they see the new world which is theirs through higher energy, their tendency towards unwelcome addictions lessens.


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