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Female empowerment unleashed

 EAP Films and Theaters CEO Jeewaka Pallegama, Finance Director Thomas Mathew and Ben Holdings Director Operations Paul Kelly
EAP Films and Theaters CEO Jeewaka Pallegama, Finance Director Thomas Mathew and Ben Holdings Director Operations Paul Kelly

Two hours of untainted female empowerment packaged with all the visual supremacy anyone would expect from a Marvel blockbuster was unleashed on March 8, 2019 worldwide on International Women’s Day, titled ‘Captain Marvel’.

Savoy Cinemas as the official importer and sole distributor of Disney and Marvel movies in Sri Lanka, hosted an exclusive audience aka true believers for a special pre-screening of Captain Marvel a day prior on March 7 at Savoy 3D, Wellawatta.

Captain Marvel is now being screened in 3D in both English and Tamil versions island wide in over 40 cinemas including Savoy 3D Wellawatte, New Savoy Premiere and Savoy Metro Cinema in Gampaha.

Savoy Cinemas would thus enthrall Sri Lankan movie buffs with cutting-edge technology with a view to providing an enriching cinematic experience of Marvel’s most anticipated movie.

Captain Marvel being one of 2019’s most anticipated movies and the lead-up to the second part of the grand culmination in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: ‘End Game’ is directed by Anna Boden and Ryan K Fleck.

Captain Marvel will team up with the Avengers to counter the threat posed by deadly galactic warrior, Thanos, in the sequel, ‘End Game’.

Is Captain Marvel going to be an engaging and memorable origin story? How will she be able to help the rest of the Avengers to stop Thanos? Find out exclusively at Savoy Cinemas, island wide.

The plot

Produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Captain Marvel is hitting the cinemas as the 21st movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after appearing for the first time in Marvel Comics 1967.

Captain Marvel was created by the legendary Stan Lee with Gene Colan.

There have been numerous Captain Marvel characters ever since then. However 2019 movie portrays the very first female Captain Marvel in the Marvel history.

In the movie, academy award winning actress Brie Larson portrays both Captain Marvel and her alter-ego the fierce and effortlessly cool fighter-pilot, Carol Danvers. The two alien cultures, Skrull and Kree are frequently at war. During a battle, Carol (the human pilot) is caught in an explosion of a Kree devise that infuses her DNA with Kree DNA. This gives her special powers and makes her a member of Kree race’s elite military unit, Starforce.

Her mentor Yon-Rogg, (played by a Jude Law) tries to teach her that the most dangerous things a warrior can encounter are emotions. Danvers doesn't always listen to him. Though she struggles to control her powers, Danvers also tries to figure out why she can't remember her past.

After a mission gone wrong, Danvers finds herself on Earth in 1995 a planet the Kree refer to as C-53 or a shithole. Here she teams up with young Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. with two eyes and a full mane of hair. In the movie, Fury (Samuel L Jackson) is convincingly digitally altered to look 25 years younger as the story goes back in time. In other Marvel movies, we see Fury as the person with the eye-patch who calls together the Avengers. In Captain Marvel, Fury is unaware of anyone’s powers let alone the pussy’s named Goose.

While being spellbound by Captain Marvel’s heroic acts in the movie viewers would also enjoy a young Fury’s witty reactions.



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