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Fishermen better off under Yahapalana govt.

A golden era has dawned on the fishing industry after three years of the Yahapalana government, said Fisheries and Aquatic Resources State Minister Dilip Wedaarachchi.

He was addressing a meeting at Tangalle. He said the fishing community now engages in fishing with dignity and pride. They had several difficulties during the past three years as a result of not considering their ideas and acting according to the whims and fancies of state officials of the sector.

The State Minister said the dumping of polythene and plastics in harbours posed a threat to the environment and health and sanitary conditions of the fishing community.

He said about 500 fishing vessels leave for deep sea fishing and a huge amount of plastics and polythene are collected in each fisheries harbour.

He said it has also been the habit of fishermen going for deep sea fishing to dump polythene and plastics into the sea causing great destruction to the coral resource.

This poses a threat to fish. He added that there are plans to produce fuel from this plastic and polythene.


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