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Cow print nails are a major trend

Blame Kacey Musgraves for making us want our space, cowboy, or blame the onslaught of leopard print for prompting an itch for change. Whatever. Cow print is here, it’s a trend, and you’d better hop on it now before the fashion and beauty world moves on to another animal.

Rather than buying a new dress or investing in a cowboy hat, we’d recommend going for a manicure. It’s the easier, cheaper option; ideal if cow print turns out to be more of a passing trend, and Ariana Grande is on board, sharing a photo of a cow printed thumbnail on her Instagram stories recently.

If you fancy trying out cow print nails for yourself, you’re in luck – here is a quick and easy guide.

How to create cow print nails:

1. Apply a base coat.

2. Apply two coats of white polish.

3. Apply brown splotches with a striper.

4. Apply black splotches.

5. Apply a top coat

…And voila, you have cow print nails. Do just one as an accent or go all out and paint your entire set. Once you’ve nailed the basic print, you can play around with different designs. Metro


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