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Zahran’s training camp found

STF officers at the camp site and a watchtower.
STF officers at the camp site and a watchtower.

The suspected training camp run by terrorist Zahran Hashim has been discovered at Olikkulam, Kattankudy during the search operation by the security forces and the Police yesterday (5).

This is supposed to have been a training grounds of the Easter Sunday suicide attackers.

Kattankudy Police said the arrest of Abdul Rauff led them to the discovery of this camp. Police further said that the culprit of the Sainthamaruthu attack Rilwan lost his eye and fingers during an explosion at this camp in 2017.

Security forces suspected that the weapons and the bombs used in the various attacks were transported from this camp. In addition, shell cases and plastic cylindrical containers to carry the bombs out of the place were found on the 21st instant in Katunayake and it is believed that they were taken to this place.

The camp had been cordoned to a distance of 100 meters so that anybody entering that area would be detected at the same time secrete passages leading out of the camp area were also discovered. Kattankudy Police, STF and Intelligence services are conducting further investigations.

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