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First X Men movie led by women

Sophie Turner opened up about ‘Dark Phoenix’ focusing on a female antagonist and protagonist.

“All the female characters in this movie are the strongest characters,” Sophie says.

“We have a female protagonist, a female antagonist, all while the female protagonist is also somewhat of an antagonist.”

She continues, “It’s all about her relationships, Jean’s relationship with the females throughout this movie, which is really very interesting. None of the women in this movie are subservient to a man, which is incredible.”

“It’s crazy to think that this is kind of the first X-Men movie led by women. That’s really exciting to me and especially to Jessica [Chastain]. And it comes at exactly the right time as well.” Entertainment Weekly

‘Dark Phoenix’ is screening at the Colombo City Center’s Scope cinema with Dolby Atmos sound facilities. The film had been brought down to Sri Lanka and distributed by Skyline Entertainment. It is also screening at other film alls across the island


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