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The comeback of the Perfected One

The significance of Medin Poya Daya

Many important events in the annals of the Buddhist history were recorded on this MedinPoya Day.It was on this significant Poya Day that the Buddha re-entered the city of Kimbulwath,his birthplace, from Rajagaha, Weluwanaramaya Temple with a retinue of 20,000 monks to deliver a Dhamma talk to his beloved father, King Suddhodana.

The Blessed One’s father was anxious to invite his noble son to the city. The noble king sent thousands of emissaries conveying the message to his son now the Buddha to visit his city Kimbulwath. It was to no avail. The diplomats, who met the Buddha, after listening to his noble Dhamma, entered the order and achieved the deathless state, Nibbana.

As a last resort, he entrusted the mission impossible to his kith and kin, Minister Kaludai who was born on the same day as Prince Siddhartha. Who was Princess Yasodhara? The wife of Prince Siddhartha Gautama Buddha was also born on the same day as Prince Siddhartha. It was on this same day that the blessed JayasriMaha Bodhi took root and the horse of Prince Siddhartha,Kantaka, was also born.

Unsurpassable walk

Kaludai took this challenge when the King granted his request to enter the order. When Minister Kaludai met Gautama Buddha and requested kindly to visit Kimbulwath City to meet the old-aged father, KingSuddhodhana, and the relatives, the Buddha nodded in agreement. Kaludai explained, in sixty stanzas, the beautiful, serene environment of the city of Kimbulwath. After listening to monk Kaludai, the Great Teacher, Enlightened One, and a retinue of 20,000 monks walked over the 60 Yojanas.

Ayojana is a unit of measurement in ancient India, equal to the distance which the Royal Army would march in a day. Approximations vary as widely as 9.6 18 and 24 kilometres.The haughty, proud,Sakya clan was not prepared to worship the Blessed One. They requested the ordinary city dwellers to worship Prince Siddhartha now the Buddha.

When the Enlightened Onenoticed the situation, he sprang up to the sky and performed Yama MahaPelahera. It is a miracle performed in the sky by transmitting water and fire from the noble body of the Buddha. Witnessing this miracle, King Suddhodana worshipped his son, the Buddha. All the other ministersfollowed suit.

Narrations of the past

It was on a MedinPoya Day that the Blessed One proceeded to the royal mansion to see his erstwhile wife, Princess Yasodhara. The Buddha delivered a sermon and related the story of Sanda Kiduru Jataka to Princess Yashodhara.

On the third day of his visit to the city, three events unfolded:a coronation ceremony, a wedding and an advent to the palace.When the Blessed One handed over the bowl to Prince Nanda, the latter followed the Buddha to the temple. He entered the order.

When Yasodhara introduced her noble husband Prince Siddhartha Gautama to his son, the princess advised her seven-year-old prince to request the Buddha for the inheritance that his father could donate him. When Prince Rahulaheld the hand of Buddha and went to the temple, he was ordained.

Shaken king

These two incidents shattered King Suddhodhana as the two princes, who were heir apparent to the throne, entered the order. The King, in a moving conversation with the Blessed One, said: “My Dear Blessed Buddha, a child is very close to the heart of parents. Dear venerable sir, I kindly request you not to ordain any person in the noble order without prior permission from the parents.”

The Perfected One, listening to his noble father, agreed not to ordain any individual without the permission of the parents. This clearly shows the greatness of the Buddha.

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