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Airman, family members under self-quarantine.

An Airman  residing at  Watarake in Gintota, Galle and his family members were ordered to be self- quarantined at their residence commencing from Saturday (18), the office of the Medical Officer of Health (MOH) of Bope- Poddala in Akmeemna said.

The airman who was carrying out duties in Colombo had gone to his aunt’s place in Kotahena, Colombo to take his motor bicycle to return to his home town in Galle on April 14. However later on April18 the aunt had been clinically detected to be Coronavirus positive. The Air Force officer who came to know about his aunt’s health situation had subsequently informed his camp to which he was attached.

Accordingly the officials of the Air Force camp had informed the corresponding PHI office of Bope- Poddala in Akmeemna who initiated clinical measures to keep the airman and his family members under self-quarantine.

The health authorities are carrying out further inspections to discover other contacts of the relevant security forces member.   

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