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Ending of Ayan Vassana Kaalo

This is rather the climax of the long awaited Vassana

Which culminate in the Katina Pooja in Buddha Sasana

Vassana season leading to Katina Pooja is believed

To be the highest merit bestowing period

Katina Pooja can only be offered by the devoted laity

And accepted by Sangha where Vassana observed in reality

Buddhist devotees anxiously await this sacred event

Because the Katina Pooja marks a milestone very important

They participate in religious activities until its culmination

In the Katina Cheevara Pooja with Shradda and devotion

Buddha had enacted Vinaya rules for strict compliance

Katina pooja is performed as a symbol of extreme obedience

Katina Pooja creates a special religious awakening

Making a great impact on moral lives in meaning

According to Buddha, Vassana continues as a fulfilment

Of a longstanding valued disciplinary requirement

They look after the Sangha with loving tender care

Providing Siwupasa – robes, alms, shelter and medical care

Cheevaraya is now honoured in their abode with reverence

Until taken to the temple in procession from the residence

An illuminated vehicle vends its way through the city

Parading in the close by streets in the vicinity

In the procession the devotees walk, clad in white

Carrying flags, lanterns and lotuses, reflecting a serene sight

The procession finally reaches the temple at dawn

With more observances in the temple to welcome the Cheevara

An eye-catching creation gayly decorated

In the name of Kapruka, a tree in Dharma Shala is erected

The tree is adorned with numerous articles required

For the daily life of Maha Sangha earnestly offered

They enjoy contributing in whatever way they could

Even a needle offered is known to bestow high merit

Vassana comes to an end with Katinanusasana

As the final event of great significance in Buddha Sasana

Rupa Banduwardena