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Super League – a helping hand for clubs

The new Super League will be the next level of football, and initially will be limited to ten elite clubs. The general public, however, was unaware of the process of how the top ten clubs were selected, which led to a few unhappy clubs who tried to project emotional messages through social media in the last few days.

Daily News contacted FFSL General Secretary, Jaswar Umar to clarify the selection process.

“Equal opportunities for the top 15 DCL clubs to apply for the Super League were provided through AFC club licensing criteria. There were eighteen criteria each club had to fulfill. All applications were carefully assessed by an independent panel named “First Instance Body”. Based on a very transparent manner, ten clubs were chosen. Those who were not qualified were asked to appeal to an independent ‘Appeal Body’, and only one club appealed, which was also unsuccessful.”

“I have been continuously stressing the point that Super League is not another competition. It’s the next level of football in Sri Lanka. If any club does not meet the required criteria, then they must wait till they achieve that level. This is not the only opportunity for those clubs who have not qualified. They can always qualify for the second or third season. This is a continuous journey,” Jaswar further stated.

Many players, coaches and past players have shown an incredibly positive response towards this new Professional League. A past national player who wished to remain anonymous said: “All these years’ football players and coaches were treated like poor guys without any value. This Super League has created very good value for players and coaches. This is what Sri Lanka wants. There are only a few people trying to sabotage this for personal reasons, but the entire country is supporting this move. Footballers must earn a good income like in other countries.”

FFSL General Secretary said clubs which were not initially selected can apply for the next season. Super League will also assist other old clubs financially and support them to improve from their present status to compete in the top level. Motive of the Super League is to assist every single footballer to grow with the game. Super League has big plans to support the football industry - from schools, clubs and academies - and must be seen as an opportunity and not as a threat.