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Cemeteries neglected

Residents in several villages in Hiriyala say that the public cemeteries in their areas are covered with overgrowth as they are not maintained by the responsible authorities.

There are several public cemeteries in the Ibbagamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha division. Almost all these public cemeteries are neglected and people have encroached on them and even put up temporary homes.

“In the event of a funeral, we have to clear the overgrowth for one or two days to find a suitable place for the burial. No fences have been erected around these cemeteries. Although we have brought this matter to the notice of the Ibbagamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha, no action has yet been taken to address the issue,” S.P.D. Somarathne, President of Nationalwatta Death Donation Society, said.

When contacted, Ibbagamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Ajith Wickremasinghe said that there is a shortage of workers in the Sabha and also a lack of funds. “We have drawn up a plan to get these public cemeteries maintained by the death donation societies in the relevant areas,” he added.