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Namal calls for strict rules and regulations against cyber bullying

Advocating against cyber bullying, Youth and Sports Affairs Namal Rajapaksa recently posted on social media that strict rules and regulations should apply against cyber bullying.

He said he too had faced instances where he became a victim of cyber-bullying, adding that cyber bullying must be considered a serious offence.

The Minister speaking to the Daily News yesterday on the issue, said cyber bullying has become a universal issue, just like wildlife, environment and drugs.

“The misusing of social media and misperception of freedom of speech have become a part of this, we have come to a point to strengthen regulations and make stricter laws. One is data protection, and educating the younger generation on how to productively use social media and to strengthen the rules and regulations regarding cyberbullying, child pornography and the misuse of various online platforms”.

He added, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs together with the ministry of justice, are working with other relevant ministries, to tackle the menace.

“The Ministry of Youth is a wide scope, and whatever reflects on the youth fits the parameter of the ministry. As a ministry, it is the responsibility to coordinate all this, and to safeguard the youth from whatever is potentially damaging”.

The ministry is working with several departments, organisations and inter-ministries to identify the cases of cyber-bullying.

“At one-point, cyber-bullying was never taken seriously, today it has gone to an extent from prominent personalities to anyone to everyone isn’t spared online. The law should be made stricter, and all the amendments will be made to the existing laws. We are hoping by next year beginning to see tangible results for these.”