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Children should enjoy freedom and happiness - PM

The country urgently needs an education reform that will enable children to enjoy freedom and happiness, said Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa during the World Children’s Day national celebration at the ‘Ape Gama’ premises yesterday (02).

The Prime Minister said that education reform would affect the future of this country more than constitutional reform, stating that, “No matter how much of our national income is allocated for education, it is of no use if children do not have the freedom to study.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that the era of rebuilding the country has dawned and we must ensure that from the turmeric plants growing in our backyard to the uniform materials worn by students are all produced locally.

A commemorative stamp and the first day cover were launched to coincide with World Children’s Day 2020.

State Minister Piyal Nishantha presented the commemorative souvenir to the Prime Minister launched to mark World Children’s Day.The Prime Minister also handed over eco-friendly People’s Bank tills made of clay to three children.

“I am very happy that this event for children at such a location on World Children’s Day gives them the opportunity to appreciate our culture rather than a lecture being organized at a lecture hall. I also appreciate the efforts by our minister to enable these children to showcase their aesthetic abilities. I can see that there are children here of all races and religions and this is something I am very pleased to see,” he said.

Referring to the days of the war, the Prime Minister told the children of the hardships people had to face with so many check-points and dangers.

He said that his only ambition was to rid the country of the war and ensure a peaceful future for our future generations. “I made a promise in 2015 that our future generations would not be burdened with the war and today these children before me are free of that danger. Some of you were not even born back in 2015. Moreover, back then only a part of the country even had electricity. Only 5% of the country’s population were computer literate. Yet, we have ensured that the present generation does not have to face these problems,” the Prime Minister said, noting that as a result the students were able to engage in online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic without any issue.

The Prime Minister said that from childhood children are divided according to religion and race with separate schools for the various races and religions.

Hence, he said when children grow up how can they be expected to unite when they have been trained to be divided from their early childhood. Therefore, he said that he believes that this segregation and division should be stopped from childhood and all children should be trained from their young age to live together with all religious and racial denominations of this country without any division.